iAssessment  网上强化
    iAssessment is an LMS (Learning Management System)- Electronic Question Bank with several thousand of exercises and examination questions for Singapore Primary Chinese and Higher Chinese available from Primary 1 to Primary 6 levels.

    It was written based on the Singapore MOE latest curriculum. Thousands of questions aligned according to "Lesson Unit" and "Itemized Exercise" format - help in strengthening the students' weaker items. It was equipped with various self-learning functions such as Automatic Marking, Grading and Time Counter. Students and parents or teachers could track past learning records anytime. Weaker areas could be easily determined and strengthened to achieve improvement results.
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        iExercise  网上练习
        iTest  网上测验

     An electronic question bank with great capacity of exercises and examination questions for Chinese and Higher Chinese level based on       MOE curriculum..

     iExercise and iTest Questions databank were grouped into Chinese and Higher Chinese Level.

     Aligned according to "Lesson Unit" Questions – written based on the new curriculum for Chinese learning. Could practices based on      school's teaching progress.

     "Itemised Exercise" Questions – Itemised Exercise could help in strengthening the students' weaker items.

     Automatic Marking, Grading, and Time Counter – understand the students' learning pace, answering speed, and exam adaptation.

     Time and Date stamping for every exercise completed, ease parents and students to track performance and records.

     iPad and Android Tablet ready, enable mobile learning anywhere anytime.